Nutellotti (ENG version)


Ingredients | for about 25 pieces:

Nutella©: 180 gr. (at room temperature)
cake flour: 150 gr.
1 mid-sized egg (80 gr.)

100 gr. of Nutella© (alternatively, strawberry/cherry jam)

Add the egg to 80 gr. of Nutella©, mix them and then add the flour (possibly sieved).
Knead the mix and prepare few ball-shaped pieces, then, by using a wooden spoon’s handle,
apply a little pressure on the top of the ball in order to obtain a hole which will be filled whith
the remining Nutella© using a syringe (before baking them!).

Put the nutelloti on baking paper and bake them in a fan oven at 170°C for 10 min. (in a normal oven 15 min at 150°C).
Once ready, don’t worry if they look still soft, they’ll get harder in few minutes.

Nutellotti stay crunchy for about 2/3 days. Cover them with a dry piece of cloth (it’s not necessary to put them in a paper bag)
and keep them away from heat sources.



Recipe inspired from
An expecially thanks to Francesco Lamanna for the translation.
Source: Nutellotti



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